By David M. Rosenblatt

Bandit is a long time friend of Ryan. He is sent to obedience school by Wacky Quacky in order to be his watch dog for his car dealership. He fails out because he eats everything in sight including the school itself. Wacky Quacky, being frustrated, trains Bandit to be his next "Super Auto Mechanic". Bandit is always getting into some kind of trouble.

Ryan was a laid off automobile assembly line plant worker. He was quickly trained to become an auto mechanic and got a job at Wacky Quacky's Car Dealership. He has a blunt personality and always tries to do a good job, but usually becomes distracted and confused by Bandit.

Wacky Quacky owns a car dealership which provides various automobile services. He has been "turning wrenches" all of his life. He has become very hostile, angry, loud and impatient.

Cotterpin is an old friend of Wacky Quacky. Unfortunately, he had his left hand cut off by a radiator fan when he was young. He had it replaced with a huge cotterpin. Now he is everybody's extra helping "hand" with his goofy personality.

Rocko is the typical annoying customer that whines and complains about everything. He is never satisfied with anything and he always wants his repair work redone.

Grease Monkey is a part-time auto mechanic helper at Wacky Quacky's car dealership. He can't tell the difference between a wrench or a screwdriver.

Milky manufactures and supplies "Pop-Off" brand tools to Wacky Quacky's. The tools are poorly designed and do not have a lifetime warranty.

Most automobiles are very temperamental. They have minds of their own and they often break down at the wrong time.

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